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I favorite the things I like and I don't ask for any thanks in return. I'm a selfish person, the things I favorite are because I liked them, lol. And I would like to point out that I am a real human being, so even if you notice something of yours has been favorited but isn't on the first few pages of my favorites, it doesn't mean I'm a computer just favoriting everywhere. I tends to do mass-faving which is often followed by days of no activity.





Also, I will hide your comment if it's a thank you for the favorite.












Also, I will hide your comment if it's a thank you for the favorite.



Not to mention, I will hide all comments saying
"Thanks for the fave"

Thank you for not thanking me.

Instead of thanking me for the fave, why not just say hi to me, tell me how your day's going, what you're up to with your art, what your favorite mythological story is, or some cool random facts you know. Let's have a conversation. :)

To Do List

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 6:19 AM

Anomalies13 is now available for commissions! Click here for more details!

:bulletblue: work on new frame stock pack
:bulletblue: work on character bio form
:bulletblue: work on stories
:bulletblue: sleep
:bulletblue: work on stuff to sell on redbubble
:bulletblue: work on stuff to sell on etsy
:bulletblue: clean fish tank
:bulletblue: work on tumblr blogs

  • Mood: Tired

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To Do List

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 6:19 AM

Anomalies13 is now available for commissions! Click here for more details!

:bulletblue: work on new frame stock pack
:bulletblue: work on character bio form
:bulletblue: work on stories
:bulletblue: sleep
:bulletblue: work on stuff to sell on redbubble
:bulletblue: work on stuff to sell on etsy
:bulletblue: clean fish tank
:bulletblue: work on tumblr blogs

  • Mood: Tired
Character Bio Template Sheets for Development by Anomalies13
Character Bio Template Sheets for Development
I've had my MEGA-ULTRA Character Bio Sheet made in 2009 available for a long time but I had never posted up the extended sheet (even though I discussed it with others) that was made in 2010. In talking with my friend MSilenceART, I've decided to make the 2010 version available for use. So now both are available on my personal tumblr account (twistedtragedies). 

MEGA-ULTRA Character Bio Sheet (slightly modified from it's DA form)
And the much larger, extended bio sheet has been broken up onto 3 pages but all are always accessible. Here's the intro/navigation page: Extended Character Biography Form

Other things by me!

Because I'm always trying to help! Let me know if my things have helped you in any way, feedback is always motivation for me to continue.

My Free Unrestricted Stock by Anomalies13 The Making of DrakeSilver777's Kiriban by Anomalies13  NanasFreak's Color Tutorial 1 by Anomalies13 NanasFreak's Color Tutorial 2 by Anomalies13 Create An Anomalies Char Meme by Anomalies13  Character Questionnaire 100 Qs1. What are your names?
2. Do you know why you were named that?
3. What are you?
4. What's your gender?
5. How old are you?
6. What do you think your life expectancy is?
7. What's your height?
8. What's your eye color?
9. How about hair color?
10. Do you think you're attractive?
11. Do you have any features that you want to get rid of, if you could?
12. How would you introduce yourself? If you are famous in your world, how would you introduce yourself to someone who had never heard of you?
13. Have any abilities or powers?
14. Stop being a Mary-sue!
15. What do you usually wear?
16. Do you ever walk around naked?
17. Ever cross-dressed before?
18. What do you wear to bed?
19. What's in your pockets right now?
20. To what social class do you belong?
21. What is your job?
22. What is your lifelong dream?
23. What is your worst nightmare?
24. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings (i.e. do you hide your true self from others, and in what way)?
25. What's one thing you like an

24 Hi-Res Ink Textures (For personal use only)
My Custom Swatches (Free to download and use)
Frame Stock (Free to download and use commercially without credit needed)
Drawing Resources (Journal Entry)
If You've Got an Art Block (Journal Entry)
You want to make a Flash Dress Up Game? (Journal Entry)
Tips on How to Improve (Journal Entry)
Demon Harpy [wip] by Anomalies13
Demon Harpy [wip]
Trying to get back into drawiiiing, this is from my instagram. :B Sadly, I haven't felt the creative mojo to continue this for a few days. Blah. Plus work is like eating all my time now. I'm either sleeping or working these days. But I had today and tomorrow off so maybe tomorrow I'll work on some art.  

You can follow updates on my Instagram or Tumblr. 

Rainbow'd Batman by Anomalies13
Rainbow'd Batman
A little late for the party here but my Facebook and Instagram accounts are already fabulousified. So now my DA ID is too. 


Camille Kingsley
Artist | Professional
United States

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If You've Got an Art BlockI've had an art block since May 2010 and it's finally starting to defrost.
I've found that one thing that's helping me defrost my art block is just forcing myself to draw. :XD:
I set up a 17x11in canvas in Photoshop CS5 and start doodling. I tell myself "Fill this blank page with stuff." I experiment with new brushes, brush sizes, and colors. I also experiment with color application. So if you have an art block, just open a Photoshop doc and force yourself to draw. (Or um, if it's easier or you don't have a tablet to work with, bust out a piece of paper and doodle little sketches.) Anything that comes to mind. It also helps if you maybe narrow yourself to limitations if you're feeling stumped. For example, I limited myself to Anomalies characters so I've been drawing them a lot and focusing on my story as a result giving me inspiration to draw and create more.
It's pretty fun. I don't think about anatomy errors and issues. I don't focus too much on sticking within the lines of my doodl
Drawing ResourcesHey people,
I started this journal because I had been dissatisfied with my art skills so since May 28, 2011, I've been on the hunt for material to help me out. PLEASE NOTE: This journal gets UPDATED! So check back every few months or so for anything new! And if you find something useful, please suggest it! If you have your own collection of resource links, please share them! :D And if you're browsing this list and encounter a site link that no longer works, let me know. :)
ANNOUNCEMENT! My journal is becoming too big. So soon in the future, I will be making a PART 2 to this journal. Some of these sections will be moved there, and the ones left behind will be expanded upon!!! Please continue to leave suggestions. Let me know what has helped you out. I would love to know.
UPDATE!  December 29, 2014: Instead of making a PART 2, I will be moving all current information found here and will be making all future updates on my website, 
You want to make a Flash Dress Up Game?But you're not entirely familiar with Flash? WELL FEAR NOT! Deviantart supplies A VAST AMOUNT OF TUTORIALS from people who know and have some fair amount of understanding of what to do.
So I'll help you get started by supplying some information and also recommending a couple very nice and informative tutorials about Flash. Plus don't be discouraged if you suck at drawing in Flash, I provided a fair amount of information for an alternative solution at the end!  
What you need:
- Flash* (any kind of Flash where you can write Action Script 2.0... NOT Action Script 3.0, these tutorials cover AS 2.0. Flash is not a free program (legally). You can obtain Flash at
- Time
- Patience
*If you're wondering what kind of Flash I use, I'll tell you. I use a super old school Flash that does the job juuust fine. It's called Macromedia Flash MX, also known as "Flash 6.0 r25" Yuuuup, really old. I've had it since junior year in high school (approx. 5 years). I have Flash Pro
Tips on How to ImproveMy good friend, Draethius, had posted a DA journal a long time ago (almost a whole year) that he has long since removed that was about how he didn't feel like a real artist and wasn't sure how he could improve. So I wrote him an essay lengthy Note in reply. And I kind of forgot about it since it happened along the time when I was throwing a tantrum over that one chick I call Otto.
But I was going through some documents from my Back Up files and found the document I wrote to Drake and decided "Hey, I should post this! :D" Granted, there's moments when I kind of go off on a tangent, but I think this could be helpful to someone...maybe?
Here it goes:
I can't tell you how to feel like a real artist, but most cases, artists are never satisfied with their work and are constantly pushing themselves to get better. This is a good thing, otherwise we'd never improve. But it can also be a bad thing, if you push yourself too much, you can essentially burn out. So
My Color TutorialsHey guys,
I spent a few days writing these tutorials for you so I hope you take the time to read them and maybe even learn some stuff from them:

You can download both tutorials in a ZIP here:
I also shared some helpful resources in the comments, so be sure to try them out:

Lastly, I shared some extra material, some tutorials that helped me figure out my own path:

Again, I hope all this is helpful to you. :)
Other helpful stuff I've written:
You want to make a Flash Dress Up Game? by Anomalies13Tips on How to Improve by Anomalies13

.:My Groups:.
Founded by me:
Me as a contributor:

.:Commissions Status:.
Commissions - Open by SweetDukeCommissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Commission PricesThis journal covers the Policy, Types, and Prices of my Commissions. For F.A.Q. and the type of subject matter I can do, please visit my Commissions F.A.Q. journal.
Availability Status

By commissioning me, you agree to my policy.
My policy is as follows:
Hover your mouse here to view Policy
NOTE: I finally decided to update my old policy that was refined for Kiriban Rewards to be more up-to-date. Please do not consider this policy as hostile, or read it as though I wrote it angrily, as that is not the case! :) I just want you to understand me and for us both to form a respectful alliance. BY COMMISSIONING ME, YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS:
1. All paid art created is the sole property of myself, Arielle Jay, a.k.a. Anomalies13, NanasFreak or any other relevant monikers I may go by. I AM NOT WORK-FOR-HIRE. A commissioner/client
Commissions F.A.Q.For Policy, Types, and Prices of commissions, you have to go to my Commissions Prices Journal
.:Subject Matter:.
♥ I'm pretty open to ideas. :D Just know that I can draw a lot of stuff, but there's equally a lot of things I can't or won't draw. (Some things I may draw for myself, but I will not draw for other people.) Here's my general list.
:bulletgreen: I'm comfortable with drawing humans/humanoids the most. ♥
:bulletgreen: I can draw 4-legged creatures somewhat decently.
:bulletgreen: I'm okay with robots/androids/mechs/cyborgs as long as they're not too bulky and too far away from the frame of a human figure.
:bulletgreen: I'm open to drawing mythical beasts or creatures that are made up. ♥





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